What documents are needed for a wedding in Greece

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Required documents of the Religious Orthodox Wedding in Greece

  1. Publication of the marriage in a newspaper, which you will submit to the church where the mystery will be performed. The cost differs from newspaper to newspaper.

  2. Fee from the tax office (cost 15 euros)

  3. Certificate of celibacy and indifferent kin for each one, issued by the parish that you belong to. For the issue, two witnesses with their IDs will be required, two responsible statements made by the Nobel Prize Officer regarding your place of residence and a 2-euro paycheck for each individual certificate, available from the Nobel Prize. If you have a civil marriage between you, you must submit your civil status certificate, while in the event of divorce or widowhood the marriage certificate or widow's certificate respectively.

  4. Birth certificate of baptism issued by the KEP or from your municipality, on presentation of your identity card.

  5. Go to the church wherewillyour marriagebe celebrated for marriage licenses along with the two certificates of celibacy, the newspaper's letter with your wedding announcement, your tax stamp and your identity cards. There, the responsible priest will prepare the necessary documents for the marriage license and sign the irrevocable declaration of your children's surname.

  6. Your last step is to visit the archbishop of the parish that will be married, with all the above documents to validate the marriage license.

Required documents of the Civil Marriage in Greece

  1. Application (application forms are issued by the Municipality).

  2. Registered Birth Act issued by the KEP or your municipality 
    with your identity card.

  3. Responsible Statement (Article 8, Law 1599/1986) stating that:
    * There are no marriage barriers under Articles 1350, 1351, 1352, 1356, 1357, 1360 of the Civil Code.
    * You are a resident of the Municipality .......
    * If you are 1st, 2nd marriage, etc.

  4. Announcement of marriage in daily press

  5. Fee from the tax office.

  6. Two (2) adult witnesses of any degree of affinity to the mercenaries who should have their IDs with them.

In case you are divorced, you will need to present the Dean, if it is a minor or a court order, and for a foreign passport photocopy and a certificate that there are no marriages with the person concerned who are going to do a political marriage respectively. The above documents will be issued by their consulate in Greece and will then be translated into Greek (names must be written in Greek characters).

Bridesmaids should declare before the wedding the surname of the children to be born (father, mother or both - Not more than 2 brand names).