Tips on how to help for the father of the bride or groom.

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Tips on how to help for the father of the bride or groom.

In addition to financial help, there are quite a few small, but very helpful things you can do for the couple.

Get organized early!

Make a timely financial plan to determine exactly what you can offer and inform the couple. This will be particularly useful, since they will be able to plan their expenses early.

Be eager ...

Turn the stereotype about the fact that anything about the organization of a marriage is a feminine affair. Surely you, the bride's father, can give a helping hand! For example, if you like gardening , why not help with the adornment? Or, if you are a fan of cooking and pastry, give ideas to the couple and help them taste tasting.

Give a helping hand!

To be honest,  the organization of a marriage has a lot of things to do.The couple has to take care of a lot, while continuing their daily routine. So take the situation by undertaking some sort of work. For example, help them with the bureaucratic stuff, visit the shops that have chosen your children for their purchases, to pay advances or to pick up items such as bonbons. Write some addresses and names in the invitations and post them. So the groom and the bride will gain precious time, so much needed at this time.

Dad the calm power!

Become an objective mediator in tensions that are likely to occur. Do the best you can in cases of conflict between the couple or other members of the family. Be the voice of reason and act as a firefighter to roll all smoothly.


Finally, have fun! And during the preparations and on the day of the ceremony. Enjoy the moments, share with your beloved friends, dance, laugh and enjoy your newly-married children!