I will become the Best Man or The Maid of Honour! What should I do?

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I will become the Best Man or The Maid of Honour! What should I do?

Υour best friend, has proposed to you to become the best man. Of course you said yes, as it is a great honor for you. But do not just stay in the title. Instead, take your role actively and help the couple actually. See below what you can do.

Take care of your purchases in time.

As the best man or the maid of honour, you have to make some specific purchases. Inform yourself early and arrange both your budget and your time. This is because some purchases should be made with the couple. One of these is the crowns and candlesticks standing next to them at the time of mystery. You will also need to buy the so-called best man set, namely the carafe, glass and wine tray. Once the mystery has been accomplished, you must also give some money to the priest for the cost of the ceremony. Finally, like every guest, you have to make a gift to the couple or alternatively you can take on the expenses of decorating or renting the car.

Arrange the bachelor party.

The groom and the bride usualy do a bachelor party  with their friends, celebrating their last exit, as  singles. So you dear,  you have to design where and how you will have fun.You also regulated the last detail, surprising the groom or the bride. It is a good idea for the bridegroom to meet the financial requirements of this evening entirely, or share it with the rest of the company.

Go with the couple to the tasting test.

After a long search, the melonmiths have come to the wedding reception area and the decision for the menu is no longer the case. So your participation in the tasting will be very useful for the couple. An additional opinion will take them out of any dilemmas and inspire them with confidence and relief for their choices.

Help them, for their flawless appearance.

Which groom or bride does not want to shine in the suit or the wedding dress respectively? You are the right person to accompany the groom or the bride to the rehearsals and give you valuable advice on the desired result. Be tireless and willing and do not fail to be there in the last rehearsal, which is also decisive!

Great for the big day

And after you've got everything done and the wedding day has reached, there's only a lot to be done to take care of. Your presence at the groom or bride's home during preparation is essential. But you have to leave a little earlier and reach the church before the guests,  to talk with the church leaders that everything is ready, to deliver the crowns, the glass, the wine and the wine to the neocorus to place them and the pair with the wedding rings. You may also need to take care of some of the latest details about the adornment and the photographing of the mystery. These were! Do not forget to always be doubled to the couple whenever needed! Always worthy!