What kind of bride are you?

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What kind of bride are you?

All women are not the same. So neither the brides. There are many types that are determined by the personality and temperament of each woman.

Have you wondered what type of bride are you?

"Stylish - vogue"

All brides want to shine, but  she wants it a little bit more. She wants to be different and all her options be a proposal for the next brides. She will also look at the latest detail in her wedding dress, her hair and makeup, but she will also look after her mother and sister and of course her bridesmaids. She will be tired of a little but  she will not leave anything to chance and of course the decoration of both the church and the tables of its guests.


This bride dreams of her marriage since she was in elementary ... Until this day she arrived and wants everything exactly as she imagined. She will choose the most impressive bridal that she will find on the market, she will arrive at the church by carriage or boat, accompanied by relatives and friends singing. And somehow, with this romantic mood, the dream becomes reality.

The "zen"

Okay ... she said yes i do, but that does not mean she will change the rhythms of her life because she will climb the steps of the church with her beloved. All will be done but without unnecessary anxiety. She will not hesitate to ask for help from her girlfriends if she finds them dark and always calmly finds solutions to everything.Thus, that day she will enjoy the moment, she will live and enjoy it without much care for the typical processors .

The "traditional"

Everything will be done traditionally! The church, the party, the pre wedding party. He will not fail to invite anyone, even some relatives who are not particularly interested, just to avoid spoiling Dad's thanks ... She will not miss any custom of her place and certainly some days before the wedding, she will leave the match and she will stay in her father's house. The groom and the guests will definitely wait for her half a hour but will compensate them with her smile!