The wedding dress that will show off my body!

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The wedding dress that will show off my body!

Every woman at some stage of her life has imagined her wedding dress. It is certain that no future bride can remain unaffected by fashion trends in bridal dresses. For each one of us, there is the ideal bridal dress that will show off our personality without forgetting to flatter our body.

Bridal "mermaid"

Straight from the shoulders to the knee, with a characteristic opening low in the legs. Chic, elegant and simple at the same time is what will bring out your femininity. It implies correct proportions and surely if you have a hourglass body you will steal the performance even more! Better avoid it if you have some extra points in the middle and hips. If you select it and have footstool highlight it, with a distinctive tear. Alternatively, prefer a deep opening on the back or your distinctive neckline.

Bridal with color

personally is not one of my favorite choices. But if you choose it, it needs attention. For example, a bright color like red in your wedding dress will automatically make you special, but it will not flatter you if you have a moderate stature and intense curves. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the classic white and ivory, choose a pink powder with a tulle skirt or a golden maxi with an ancient Greek character. If you have model proportions do not be afraid of intense color, with Princess style and similar accessories.

Short Wedding Dress

If you are from your lucky ones and your feet are your strong point, dare it! Give tension to the top of the wedding dress, choosing especially fabrics, patterns, lace, sharp cuts on the shoulders, even glitter items like rhinestones. your legs will be the benchmark. So cover your back and your bust, leaving your skirt straight. You do not have to exaggerate with the height. Few points above your knee are enough to be beautiful and shiny but at the same time superheated.

Wedding dress for beach

If you have planned your wedding in a seaside chapel and your party in the sand, a gorgeous wedding dress with minimal elements is ideal. Whether you're chic or short-sleeved, with curved or frightened look. Consider light, soft fabrics and pockets at the bottom of the dress to highlight the top of your body with your boots and back. Alternatively, a top lace crop with a tall long skirt, will be an excellent choice. Of course, such a wedding dress does not bind you to the place where your wedding and reception will take place. With the appropriate accessories, it will take you out of every case.

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Great, favorite trend, special and stylish ... A bridal with boho elements, fits most women, as the dresses with this character do not "lick" the body (emphasizing any imperfections), instead embrace it loosely with emphasis usually in the middle, a key point that flattens every body type. Embroidery, decorative flower, geometric patterns and romantic lace are elements that will make you stand out the big day! Dare it out and you'll be out ...