Small tips for comfort with your bridal high heels

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Small tips for comfort with your bridal high heels

If you wear classic pointed horns you may "strike", as we are used to say, during the mystery and the reception. Pharmacies have stickers, transparent patches to avoid beauty, blisters and injuries that will spoil your mood.

If your shoes were bought in half or a bigger size to give you the comfort you want, but they bounce you off, supply half a paddle that you find in your neighborhood's supermarket to ensure the perfect fit! your shoes are made of gel that you find in the pharmacy and the shoemaker.

Even if you put a lot of money on your bridal shoes and thus win the benefits of a quality well-designed shoe, there's a possibility that their heel will make you slip ... The shoemaker will give you the solution by putting a non-slip material. If you have not last thoughts and realized at the last moment that you are slipping, spray them at the bottom with a hair lacquer.