I have anxiety ! Will everything go well on the Great Day?

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I have anxiety ! Will everything go well on the Great Day?

The day is coming and you are in the fever of preparations! You are unstoppable in order to forestall everything and be all in perfect on your wedding day ... Inevitably your stress pays you. Others more, others less.

So how can we manage to eliminate it, or even reduce it?

Let's look at some tips ....

Plan and execute early

Do not leave anything for the last minute. Once you have made the big decision, organize yourself early. Go online, check out the essentials and make a list of what you will need. Start from basics. Find and close a date in the church that interests you early. Calculate the number of your guests and do the same for the reception area. Keep in touch with the rest, wedding rings, bridal gowns, adornments, invitations, etc. With an ally of time you will do it all without any stress.

Emit SOS.

If you feel pressured, as your remaining daily duties "run", do not hesitate to ask for help from friends and relatives, even the barbarians. For example, they can help with invitations, for example, to write names and addresses to the folders. To pick up the favors from the store, do a market survey for various (decorations, photographers, wedding dresses, costumes etc.) so that you can earn valuable time.

Positive thoughts!

Close your eyes and dream this day the way you want it. Tell yourself that everything will go perfectly. Talk to your partner and share your anxieties with him. Do not forget that you are the protagonists, so live from preparation to the end as you wish. Say no when you feel pressured and put it to your side.

In the meantime, marry your beloved and this is enough for you to be happy!